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Duna is specialised in planning, producing and distributing preset and therapeutic orthopaedic shoes with its own trademark for women, men and children, and in satisfying both standard and custom made requests.

The Industrial Plant, which relies on a workforce of about 90 people, is nowadays developed on a net surface of about 3.100 square metres distributed among the Manufacturing Dept, Warehouse, Technical support Offices, Development and Research Dept., Account Dept., Sale Dept. including the location addressed to the organisation of service activity for Orthopaedic Centres.

Duna manages about one thousand customers all over Italy through its sale network, among which the most important private orthopaedic centres, such as INAIL, Vigoroso Prosthesis Centre in Budrio, Rizzoli Orthopaedics  S.p.a.. The company also relies on a very important international partner, such as Ottobock. Health Care, and takes care of the distribution of its products in most European countries, as well as manages the market of extra-European countries such as Russia, Lebanon, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Duna applies CE mark on all the products, according to no. 46 legisl. enact. of 24/02/1997, as medical and surgical quality approval. Duna’s products are classified and certificated in the most important European countries where the national health system acknowledges their therapeutic effectiveness

The certification of all the products and the consequent CE mark according to the European rules in the field of medical-surgical approvals, the authorisation by the Italian Ministry of Health to produce such kind of shoes, obtained in 1981, together with the medical assessments and documents reports on each kind of product, which doctors have issued, actually represent true acknowledgements given to our efforts of combining high quality and innovation, technically advanced products with a very good customer service.

Duna constantly invests in technical research addressed to the creation and development of new products, which are subjected to tests both in the medical and technical orthopaedic field. The company also puts great efforts in the innovation of its industrial processes in the field of orthopaedic shoes by combining systems and machinery already known or creating the suitable conditions for self-development or development in relation to other necessary systems and machinery.

From the beginning of 2000 onwards, being sure that the innovation of the product and its manufacturing process, together with the company workforce and its know-how gained throughout two generations, represent the winning step for future challenges, Duna has launched research and industrial development programmes in cooperation with the Computer Assisted Fabrication Services division of Ottobock. Health Care, beyond further collaborations with the Polytechnic University of the Marche and Alma mater Studiorum in Bologna.

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