Advantages and services

why should we use DUNA’s technology in footwear and insole customization?

All the technological solutions are designed to be fully integrated one with another but at the same time ‘open’ to be used in already partially digitized processes

All hardware and software systems proposed are the result of research and development activities carried out with important national and international research centers. They have been integrated and tested by Duna’s staff and are applied in everyday production of orthopedic customized footwear and insole.

Thanks to its highly qualified and specialized staff, Duna’s technological innovation is able to provide:


during the pre-sale phase to identify solutions that ensure the best performance and the best feedback on investments


at the customer’s or at Duna’s headquarters with regard to the use of hardware and software tools provided, order and configuration processes of customized products, use of materials and the integration capacity coming from the assessment of biomechanical performance using foot and gait diagnostic systems.


accomplished directly by Duna’s people to ensure constant support and the maximum speed in the case of intervention at the customer’s.