Technology for custom-made shoes

OrthoShoe process is the summary of Duna’s technology vision in terms of customization of orthopaedic footwear. The hardware and software tools presented by Duna’s Innovation & Technology have been designed and are constantly developed to combine modularity and full integration with the aim of improving the workflow between the orthopedic technician or podiatrist and the production center and to provide the final patient with a higher quality product in a short time. OrthoFootScan2 and FootWizard® ensure a fast and complete control of the digital acquisition process of the foot, the technical configuration of the shoe and data sending to the production center. The CAD sw application Last Designer is intended to be used by people trained for the stylization of orthopaedic last. Orthoshoe is based on a shared approach towards the patient and can be applied completely or partially to fit the needs of each technician and organization.